Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Milo,

Yesterday was your birthday! I don't think there ever was a child so excited to turn three! The first thing you asked when you woke up was, "I'm three now, right!?"

For the first year of your life, you were attached to my hip like velcro. You were such a pleasant baby who brought so much ease and joy to our family. Then you learned how to walk, no run, and never looked back! You were so ready to be "big," and now you finally are! I miss the cuddly-ness of your babyhood, but I love the ball of energy you are today!

I love the way you love monkeys, sneaking Daddy's gum, splashing in puddles, flying down the road on your balance bike, and I love that raspy voice and deep throated laugh you always do. 

You never stop moving, never stop goofing, and keep us laughing all day long. You are the life of the every day party that is our family! It only takes the littlest things to make you happy which is why your birthday was such an effortlessly wonderful day for you and all of us. 

I love you and the energy you bring into our lives! Happy birthday Mi-guy!

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