Monday, August 3, 2009

date night after baby

Alrighty, we've got to play catch-up here. We have been using Picasa to post the pictures on here, and I have no idea how to put more than 4 pictures in a blog using that. I sorta figured it out with this one, but scroll on down, there are several new posts!

Curtis had a fun date planned for us last week. He kept it a big secret. He was given tickets to the Jason Mraz concert! (THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tickets, by the way!) We both love him, it was so much fun! It was at a smaller size venu here in Cary. Everyone comes and sits on these grass tiers with lawn chairs and blankets. Luckily, we had tickets for the tables on the patio. We had a waitress and everything. Good times!

Anderson is still intrigued by the tv. Saturday he watched Playhouse Disney while we vacuumed and cleaned up.

This is us at a Hannah and Wor's wedding this weekend. My sister took some pictures outside of the reception. They are pretty good! Looks like we got our family Chrismas photo already! Thanks Laur!
Laurie and I

This is Anderson's new bff! A friend of mine had a baby 11 days before me and he was at the reception too. It was so cute! They just stared at each other and then the other baby put his hand on Ande's knee. Eventually they were holding hands. It was awesome.

Chad and Syd...this one's for you. It's a picture of Ashley! Well...a little girl that looks exactly like Ashley when she was younger. Freaky!


  1. Brooklyn LOVE Playhouse Disney! Every time she sees a picture of Mickey Mouse, or hears his name, she starts dancing and trying to make us sing the "Mickey Mouse clubhouse" and "Hot Dog" songs. It's amazing how Mickey Mouse continues to charm kids after all these years.

  2. i love all the pictures. we can't wait to see you guys and hold that little man. did i mention that our pack n play can't leave the house. so if you want to use it, you have to stay with us.... :) he is so cute.

  3. It's great to see some new pictures! What a cutie. Linds, you're looking great!