Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Slouchy Beanie

{The Slouchy Beanie}
This is just a little hat I made for fun. I'm actually going to send it out to my sister in a little Thanksgiving package I put together for her. She's out at BYU and not coming home for Thanksgiving. I guess I could have waited until Christmas to give this to her, but we drew names this year and I don't have her. So, she gets a little early surprise this year!

I've been wanting to make her something for a while now. Its always pretty cold out there, but the cutesy cloche hats I usually make aren't so much her style.

I think this slouchy beanie is a little bit more bohemian which is totally my sister.

The little rosette is a clip that I added for some extra bling. It's removable because I'm still not sure if I even like it added on there or not.

The problem with this clip is that I got a little hot glue on the ribbon as you can see above. Maybe I can black it out with a marker.

I might just have to make one for myself now.

Happy Thanksgiving Laur!

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