Monday, April 18, 2011


See ya later, baby...

Welcome to the toddler years!

Anderson Carter Haynie
15 April 2009

 I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that this tiny little human being is the same child that is sleeping in the other room right now.

It was hard enough when I realized he was this big:

(Anderson, 1 year)

But now, he is even bigger.

I still think he is the cutest baby in town, but of course I do, I'm his Momma!
I was actually starting to get a little depressed thinking about my baby Ande growing up too fast.
There are moments when I wish I could just pause time and keep him exactly the way he is forever.
It wasn't until I heard another mom talking about this very thing at the park, that I gained a little perspective. She said, "So far, I have loved every stage that my daughter has gone through. What makes me think I won't love this next stage of her life just as much as the last?"

Wise words from a woman I don't even know.
I loved Ande as a newborn.
I loved when he learned how to laugh, crawl, and walk.
I now love his sense of humor, and having conversations with him, and learning about what goes on in that little mind of his!

He loves when his Daddy comes home to play with him.

I'm pretty sure that this is just the beginning of his cars/trucks/"cycer-mo" addiction.

 He definitely loves his family (each and every one of you!).

We have experienced a little bit of the "terrible two's," but for the most part Ande is one sweet, caring, happy, silly guy.

He had a fabulous birthday with not one, but two new bicycles to cruise around in!
(His big Cuz, Brittany, is a pretty awesome gift giver)

We went to the gym, one of his favorite things to do, and they even sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
After that, we went to a park that we haven't been to in a while, so it was extra exciting.

He even found time to get creative with his new bike by turning it into a "lawn mower."

And best of all, were all the cupcakes he was allowed to consume over the course of the weekend.
We started things off with ice cream cupcakes because this boy loves his ice cream!

He had a little trouble figuring out how to eat it...

Yiiiiikkkkeeeees! That is one cold cupcake!


On Saturday, we had even more cupcakes, and a very blustery birthday party at the park.

We were lucky that the bad weather held off for the party.
Ande had a great time, he loved his presents, and he loved being with everyone.

Try to figure out who's having more fun in this picture, the babes or the dads?

It turns out that a devastating tornado blew into our little town just a couple hours after Ande's party.
It even hit the very same park that we were at in the morning, along with numerous neighborhoods and homes that within blocks of our house.

We are so blessed and grateful to be untouched from the awful storm. We simply watched it move past from our front porch. We are also so blessed and grateful to have Anderson in our life, he really brings a lot of joy and spice to this family.

We love you Ande!

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  1. What a fun birthday weekend! That is so crazy about the tornado! I am so glad that you guys are safe. That is so scary. Ande is such a cute little guy. He so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and dad!