Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To Belt or Not To Belt?

Okay, I am really curious to hear some of your opinions on this subject.

I love belts.
They are always in-style, but I think now, more than ever.
Belts are the perfect accessory to any dress, long shirt, tunic, etc.
They give shape and curvature in just the right spot.
I have seen so many cute belts in this spring's fashions, and I am just overcome with jealousy.

Well, I am over 6 months pregnant, of course!
I feel so cheated out of all the cute fashions this season because of my constantly growing belly. I have been trying to figure out how to make some of these adorably trendy spring fashions work for me.

So here is my question,
Can very pregnant women still wear belts, or does that just look weird?

I really am interested in everyone's opinion on this topic. Here are just a couple handmade-springy-floral belts that I have seen recently and love:

 {Bloom Belt by The Pleated Poppy}

 {Secret Garden Belt by Lirola}
(I have been obsessed with her shop from day 1 of discovering Etsy. I want one of everything she makes!)

{Silk Rosette Spring/Summer Sash by The Chica Boutique}

So I am contemplating working up some cute flowers/rosettes to beautify some of my old belts (and possibly making a new one all together), yay or nay?

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  1. I think belts are totally acceptable [and cute} on pregnant women -- when I was huge, I wanted to wear belts so that my boobs didn't just melt into my belly. It was my way of saying, "hey, I'm still thin somewhere." My only suggestion would be to wear medium to thick belts, because skinny belts always got lost in my curves, which made me feel big and flabby. If you don't trust my fashion wisdom, I love Melissa Esplin's use of belts when she was pregnant: http://fashion.melissaesplin.com/tag/maternity/