Saturday, July 9, 2011

home again, home again

We made it home safe and sound.
It only took a mere 14 hours to drive through 9 different states to get here.
No biggie.
After all the excitement of the past week, our house seems extremely quiet.
I'm just sitting here on my bed (oh, how I've missed you!) drinking as much water as I can possibly stomach.
Because of all the driving and being 35 weeks preggers, I now have huge cankles and I am desperately trying to get them to look normal again.
Cankles don't look so cute. 
I'm definitely NOT wearing heels to church tomorrow, or ever again...

Oh, and before I pass out in a deep sleep, here's a quick question.

Why do my pictures from my last post look so blurry? They aren't blurry on my camera, or when I pull them up in their file on the computer. I was actually pretty proud of my improving picture taking skills, but unfortunately you will never know because of how blurry they look on my blog!
Just click on the pictures and you will see a better, less blurry photo, and if you have ANY idea why they are showing up blurry, please enlighten me!

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