Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration Workshop #9 The Beach

Every Thursday (I've taken a few weeks off), I link up to the Inspiration Workshop hosted by Gussy Sews. It is just a fun link party that she posts to help us bloggers be inspired by other bloggers. Every week has a different prompt and they are always fun and interesting to read about!

This week's prompt is perfect for me considering we just finished out our annual family beach week!
I already posted some pictures from early on in the week, but luckily I still have PLENTY more to share with you. I hope you're ready!

This prompt is also perfect for me personally. I have always loved and been inspired by the beach.

My family has taken vacations to the same beach since before I was born. We live in North Carolina, and I am probably biased, but I think these are the best beaches in the U.S.!

I have many memories of coming to the beach as a child and they continue on into my adulthood.

Curtis proposed to me under the boardwalk at sunrise. He couldn't have picked a better location!

I love the feeling of the sand between my toes, the salty smell in the air, the constant sea breeze, and the cool rush of the waves.

Nothing is more relaxing than a day spent soaking up the sun on the beach.

I love the laid back atmosphere of small beach towns, and the history associated with seaside towns like Beaufort.

And now, I love seeing my own little guy experience the good ole' North Carolina coast.

With him, the experience is a little different, but still a fun time nonetheless!

Now instead of sleeping and reading books in my chair, I find myself digging holes,

building roads,

catching fish, looking for shells,

and trying/failing to clean the sand off of me and my little Ande. I don't know why, but the sand just sticks to Ande for days, no matter how many times you rinse and shower off!

We have been home for about 5 days now, and I think we have finally washed the last of it out of his hair.

 Most of all, I love the memories that we take home with us each year

 and think about them until we go back to make more the next year!


  1. Love your photos!! My son has the same swim trunks! Stopping from Gussy!

  2. So fun! How cute is your little guy? I play on the beach too ;)

  3. aww...i laughed out loud at the sweet picture of your boy upside dylan does the same thing! your blog is seriously all the happy yellow!