Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Salter Path...Day One

I'm not gonna lie...

Our first morning on the beach didn't start out quite like I expected it to. I mean, just take a look at that face...

 Maybe it was the fact that he didn't get much sleep yesterday...
Maybe it was the fact that I made him wear those ultra dorky water shoes (so he could walk on the hot sand)...
Or maybe it was because he was already missing his Daddy who is back home workin'...
 That has to be it! I was already missing him too.

The water is a little colder,
 The big ocean waves are a little bigger,
 And the toys are just not as fun when Daddy's not around.

Luckily, the water turned out to be not so cold.
 And the dorky blue shoes became a little less dorky.
 Even baby Owen got a chance to soak up the sun!
 Sand in every crevice? Check.
Beautiful sunny day? Check.
 Dump truck in hand? Check. Check.
 Nana handed her love for collecting sea shells on down to the newest generation of beach gowers.
 However, I think she forgot to show him how to just pick up the "pretty" ones.
 And now, with tummies full of shrimp and the best hush puppies in town,
 we can relax even more.
The best feeling is going to bed knowing that tomorrow, we can do it all again!


  1. Lindsay! That swimsuit is adorable! Where can I get one! :) I also hope that you're week gets better and better!

  2. Pretty is in the eye of the beholder! I think Ande thought those big chunky pieces were beautiful!