Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Healed Heels

Baby Owen (who is going to grow up thinking his first name is Baby) had a bit of jaundice when he was born.
It is not terrible, but it just won't go away.
The poor kid has had his heels pricked to check his bilirubin levels more times than I can remember.
Finally, last Friday, he was pricked for the last time!
The heels that were once raw from needle pricks, are now sweet and soft little baby feet again.

Ande seems to be getting away with a lot more lately.
Today he had 3 pieces of gum stuffed in his mouth before I even realized what had happened.
Luckily he is a really good gum chewer.
He always chews, never swallows, and throws it away when he's done (by "throw away," I mean he spits it in my hand and says, "Mommy, I'm all done.").
On Sunday, I told him he could pack 2 cars in his bag to bring to church.
This is what ended up in his bag...

(Notice the race car carefully perched on the pew? Yeah, that's my boy.)

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  1. Jaundice babies are the cutest...looks like they have a nice, beautiful tan!~