Monday, August 1, 2011

knobby knuckles

I started crocheting a new baby blanket.
I already know that I'm going to love the finished product.
The problem is that I may never finish.

This is really going to be such a simple blanket, but I just realized that it is going to take me forever!
I will surely have knobby knuckles before all is said and done.
I just wanted to do a simple stripe pattern (green, grey, blue, and maybe an orange-y color). 
Each colored stripe is going to be a different size.
To crochet it, I'm simply doing a (sc, dc) pattern which gives it a little texture.

I'm just hoping to have it done by the time the weather starts getting cool.
We'll see how that goes. Luckily, around here, it won't get chilly until about November.

Until then...feast your eyes upon these two beauties that I found via Pinterest:

I like the colors that she used and I LOVE the idea of attaching doilies to the blanket. They make it look so "vintage-y." Don't ya think?

Just like everybody else and their brother, I am loving the whole chevron pattern lately.
This blanket is no exception. I need to learn how to do this!

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