Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshots...workin hard or hardly workin?

We worked hard this weekend...

Ande wore himself out rearranging the fridge...

Apparently Owen wore himself out too...being 1 month old is exhausting!

And Curtis and I actually did work really hard in our yard yesterday.
We have been planning to do a little landscaping in the front yard for a while now.
We were tired of pulling weeds, but neither of us are very dedicated when it comes to keeping up with yard work, gardens, flowers, etc.
We knew we needed something low maintenance.

So, we pulled out the four bushes...

Which left the area looking like this...

And after a lot of hard work, we ended up with this...

Of course, our little Ande is excited about the rocks. They are the perfect "heavy load" for his dump trucks!

And after all that hard work, we all needed a good night's sleep!

"Ande, can I sleep in your bed with you tonight?"

"HAHA, You must be crazy!"

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