Monday, November 21, 2011

Snapshots {goals and happy thoughts}

I didn't take any pictures last week, I can hardly believe it.
But, since Owen decided to make it a goal to figure out how to roll over this morning (success!), I decided I should also make some goals.

{1} Friday is laundry day. I CAN'T STAND when my laundry spills over into the weekend, or even the next week. It's a one day only kinda thing. I'm saving money, right? Well...I can't believe myself. Lately, I'm still putting laundry away from the week before by the time Friday rolls around. So, my goal is to make sure all of our clothes are put away before Monday. I'll start next week...

{2} I need to exercise more. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working out at the gym. I go to the gym a lot, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm determined to learn how to run. Yes, learn how to run. I prance. Everybody makes fun of me for it. I need to stop being a pansy, turn on the "tom boy" switch that has got to be somewhere inside of me, and just run (well...jog...or wog...or maybe just fast walk). I started today, I was jogging for a good 4 minutes, until I had to pee. I didn't want to embarrass myself so...the real jogging will have to start tomorrow.

{3} Eat in, stop eating all the leftover marshmallows from our campfire the other night while I'm sitting here typing this.

{4} Make my blog more interesting. I know, I talk about the boys A LOT. My kids are not my only interest. Since Owen was born, I haven't been very crafty, and when I have, it hasn't turned out very good because I rushed through it. I have some I just need to organize my time and put them in place. I do have a great crochet series starting up in January and I am SO excited. I've been doing free crochet patterns for a while now, my Get Hooked! series, and I wanted to beef it up a little bit. Starting the first week of January (through the end of February) I will be starting up with a new series I like to call...

Each week I will be posting a free crochet tutorial (whether by me or a guest poster). Each tutorial will have something to do with things magical, fantastical, and fairy tail-ish. Just think...crowns...capes...wands...and more! Get excited, cuz I am! newly rolling baby is also teething...which makes for a sad, unhappy napper. Peace.

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