Monday, December 5, 2011


I could fake it and tell you all about the wonderfully awesome weekend we had...

{awesome book: "The Dinosaur That Didn't Know She Was Extinct" by Mo Willems}

But then Curtis will read this and scold me for being a big fat liar.
I kind of freak out whenever I lose control of things...
I know it's not good, but I seriously can't help myself.
My previously lovely day sleeper, Owen, decided about 2 weeks ago that he doesn't want to be a lovely day sleeper anymore.
My doc said he's just "transitioning." Whatever that means.
Well...I'm over it. He can stop "transitioning" now.
{Any suggestions on why he is triggered to wake up after only 30 minutes all of a sudden?}
I'm losing control and it's making me ridiculously grumpy, which makes every body else grumpy too.
(Grumpy probably doesn't do it justice. What's the word for more than grumpy?)
Oh, and then there's the fact that Ande thinks since Owen doesn't nap, then he doesn't need to either.

Am I over reacting? 
Will I ever get my afternoon alone back?
I'm tired.

Tomorrow, I report to Jury Duty. I'm actually excited.


  1. I'm sorry the boys are being uncooperative to nap time. I can understand the "done" feeling. On the other hand, you'll get so much time to yourself on jury duty! :)

  2. Haha! I totally understand. Everything I read online said babies "Transition" at 4 months which is when I had trouble with M. But in reality, M was very constipated and that's what was causing her to wake up early from naps and basically just cry all night long. It was a long few days until I figured it out. But she also did have a week of changing her nap schedule on me. I just kept trying new ways to keep her asleep longer, like white noise, still swaddling, paci, etc. Good luck!