Monday, January 23, 2012

Snapshots { balloons and groceries }

I just put the boys down for their naps and can finally enjoy a little lunch (and by "lunch" I really mean "snack" because I pretty much snack all day long). I'm sitting here savoring the flavor of my cracked pepper triscuits and my creamy swiss laughing cow cheese and my crunching is so loud I feel like the boys can hear me chewing. So now, I'm trying to crunch quietly, which is definitely not an easy thing to do.

This is when I realize how ridiculous my nap time ponderings have become and try to find something to do that will actually be of some creating a new pattern, or reading a book, or watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey... Yes. I think that is exactly what I will do!

But first...a little look into our morning.

Even when you don't have a real job to go to, there will always be that Monday Gloom feeling, which is why I was pleasantly surprised at how good the morning went. Ande is finally starting to show more interest in coloring, so I encourage it any chance I get. Usually his coloring consists of drawing a million "A's" and "O's" but this morning he helped me make my grocery list...

He diligently flipped through each page of our favorite cook book, helped me plan some meals for the week, and helped me write down all the ingredients we needed to get.

Unfortunately, our trip to the store was somewhat unsuccessful. I forgot to get a lot of things I needed. I wonder why?......

But not to worry. I forgot all about my lack of skill in reading Ande language when we came home and he spent the next 30 minutes running around the house pulling a balloon along by it's string. It was quite entertaining and I was oddly proud.  If only all Monday mornings were this fun.

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