Monday, January 30, 2012

Snapshots { Just Slidin' }

The weather around here has been so ridiculously beautiful that we are spending every spare moment outside. We just can't waste any of these 60 degree days in January!

This picture just reminds me how fast those two boys are growing! Ande is getting so tall and starting to lose his baby fat. Even though he still has his big old pot belly, he has the scrawniest little legs and arms. I have the hardest time finding pants that fit him, if they fit around his teeny bottom, then they are high waters in length! He certainly uses those little legs to do a lot. He is constantly jumping and running and riding. There's only one thing that moves more than his legs and that is his mouth! He never stops talking and every once in a while his conversations with us give us a good chuckle. Last night in the car he said,

"You're stuff on the aisle, Mom, and you're heading out on the road!"

Owen is just the happiest little chunk of baby. He loves anything having to do with Ande and food. He cries when Ande leaves the room, and when he is in the room, Owen's eyes are firmly set on Ande. He just loves and admires that crazy big brother of his so much! He is not even 6 months yet, and can already gobble some pretty hefty meals down. He loves avacados, bananas, sweet potatos, puffs by the handful, and these little cinnamon apple straws that we found today. He loves to sit and play and now we're working on crawling!

These boys sure do keep me busy and as I get ready for a girls weekend out ( to Florida!) with my in-laws, I can't help but miss those babes already! But, that doesn't stop me from being over joyed for a weekend in the warm sun, with a lot of girl time, laughs, and un-interrupted sleep! Is it Wednesday yet?

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