Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Finds { Little Boy Softie Dolls}

Sorry for my blogging absence as of late. I really only have one good excuse...

I'm too tired.

That's pretty much my excuse for getting out of a lot of things lately. Is it still called an "excuse" if it's true?

I don't know why I am so tired lately. I should be getting used to the occasional (slash...nightly) little boy awakenings at night by now. Or maybe it was that amazingly fun, jam packed 5 day weekend that I spent in South Florida with my sisters...Those Haynie girls sure know how to party, let me tell you! But now I kind of need a relaxing vacation to off set all the fun!? More on that later.

Either way, I have managed to find a little energy for my Friday Finds post today.

If you're new to this here blog, every Friday I post Friday Finds. This is where I feature something that I found during the week that I thought was fun and interesting enough to share. It is usual a crafty tutorial of sorts. To me, blogging is all about being inspired by each others creativity, so that is what Friday Finds is all about!

Today's find?

Softie dolls, and more specifically, softie dolls for boys!

Little Bow Tie Guy by The Rice Babies

Easy Boy Doll Sewing PDF Pattern by Dolls and Daydreams

Is it weird that I really want my boys to have a doll? I keep seeing these little softie dolls floating around the internet, and they are usually amazingly cute and for little girls. Every time I see one I get so jealous, not because I wish I had a girl, but because I wish my boys could have a doll too! Perhaps as a potty training aid? I just love the idea of having a little doll that looks just like them, with the same hair and eye color, and maybe a garbage man costume....
Today I finally did a little research and finally found these cute boy softie dolls on Etsy! Now I just have to figure out whether I should make them or just buy one? 

Happy Friday every one! Curt is going camping with the boy scouts so we're making a "girls night" out of it with my mom! Dinner and watching The Help! If only Ande could have joined along with the big boys on the campout!


  1. I used to love having a girls night when Matt was the scout leader in our last ward. Have fun!

  2. Does Matt want to come camping?

  3. You should def post some FL pics! I think it's awesome that the Haynie girls do such a great job on making you part of the fam!~