Friday, June 15, 2012

high five for friday!

It's Friday again, and so here are another 5 good things from the past week~

1. Two nights ago, I started feeling really bad. I was up all night with a fever, and ended up in bed all day yesterday. That was definitely not a good thing that I would high five about, but I was just really thankful for all of the help I received from Curtis and my mom. Being sick with kids is probably the worst thing ever. Luckily, my mom was able to whisk Ande away to her house for a couple hours, and Curtis stayed home from work to take care of Owen.

2. While home from work, Curtis didn't just watch the boys and take care of their every need (seriously, I was completely useless yesterday), he also started cleaning like a fiend. He cleaned out the fireplace, vacuumed with the really nice smelling carpet powder, and even vacuumed the air vent. What a guy!

3. We got a new dslr camera! It's awesome. We actually got it a few weeks ago, but we're still excited about it. Curtis has always been interested in photography (was the official photographer for the newspaper in high school...or something), and is now taking a digital photography class for school. He is learning all sorts of fun techniques. I'm excited to now have good pictures of our "daily life."

(PS- anyone want to buy our Canon G11? It's an awesome camera and in great condition. I kind of don't want to give it up...but with the cost of our new bad boy, we kind of have to. Just shoot me an email if interested!)

4. I love seeing what my boys think is funny, and watching their personalities come out. Ande always has "quiet time" for about 30  minutes while I put Owen to sleep and clean up lunch. He will either play quietly, read, or watch a show on the iPad in his "fort" that we made in his closet. He is in there right now watching a Korean cartoon on Youtube about buses (he loves it even though he can't understand a word of it), and about 2 minutes ago he busted out laughing. I love it when he does that.

5. This is my most exciting news of the week. A couple months ago, I was asked by Simply Crochet magazine UK if they could feature one of my patterns in an article that was coming out soon. Of course, I said yes! This week, they sent me a pdf of the article (the actual printed magazines won't be out for a few more weeks). It's awesome. It's an article about 30 different ways to use a "granny square" which is a crochet technique, and they used my Slouchy Bow Beanie  as an example of a 3D granny square. It is crazy to see my hat/name in print and even crazier that she called my baby beanies "mega-cute!"

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  1. I was just happy to be available to help. Too often these days I am not! Another funny Ande moment: He picked the movie "Rugrats in Paris" to watch and to my astonishment, he watched the whole movie. He decided afterwards to revert back to his baby days...crawling on the floor with Owen's pacifier in his mouth! Don't be surprised if you hear him quoting Angelica "Those dumb babies!".

  2. Whoa you're published! That's huge. Congratulations. You're hats are mega cute... who knows who will publish you next!

  3. I just found your blog via H54F, and I absolutely love your design! It's so pretty! And check you out with that magazine deal! Congratulations! :)

    Have a great week!