Thursday, July 12, 2012

finally, the family reunion post

After being gone for over two weeks, blogging our trip (where we took over 1,000 pictures) seems terribly daunting. We spent our little summer vacation in Utah, attending two family reunions, and soaking up as much family play time as we could. Coming home to our little house felt really nice, but we were already missing everybody before we even walked through the door. 

Pictures from Lito and Lita's house (Curt's parents)

1. Ande giving his favorite pal, Bowen a ride 2. Aunt Anna getting chubby snuggles from Owen 3. Ande sharing with little June Bug 4. More with Ande and Bowen (and Cara)

Owen sneaking treats from Lita's baskets, with his out-of-control hair that refuses to lay down.

Cousin time at the cabin
1. kids lining up for a ride 2. cousin's at meal time

Another fun dirt biking-4 wheeling reunion. Curtis and I are now dying to get a bike of our own!

Front porch rocking with Owen.

Went 4-wheeling into the mountains and found some great scenery. Fallen trees, waterfalls, babbling brooks...

The Huge Haynie family reunion
1. Ande and Owen exhausted from the days Olympic activities 2. Ande enjoying the water and play time with cousins 3. Owen's new way to crawl, trying not to get his knees scratched up 4. splashing to cool off 5. Going bare to cool off even more

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  1. I love owen's chub.

    I love that zoey is petite and easy to carry around, but I do hope I get at least one baby that's chubby cause it's just too cute.