Tuesday, October 30, 2012

costume love {big bad wolf and little pig costumes}

This year for Halloween, Ande informed me that he wanted to be the big bad wolf.
We have never read any stories of the big bad wolf to him before, so I'm still wondering how he came up with the idea.
I did think it would be fun, however, so we went with it!
"Little Red Riding Hood" seems to be a popular costume theme this year already, 
so I decided to go with the "Three Little Pigs" idea instead.

:: The Big Bad Wolf ::

"Little pig, little pig, let me in!"

:: The Little Pig ::

"Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin!"


Since taking these pictures, I have made a few minor adjustments to the costumes.
For Ande, I used black fabric spray paint on his fur vest.
I really didn't like the leopard print fur, but it was all Joann's had at the time.
I also added a tail, and some furry cuffs for his wrists.
For Owen, I re-did the pig ears on his hat to have pink on both sides.
I think it looks better that way.
And, in case you were wondering,
 I used pipe cleaners inside the ears/tails to have them curl the way I wanted.
We tried using a pink shirt under the overalls, but Owen just looked like a pretty little girl.
That didn't go over well with Curtis, so we will probably put him in a flannel shirt.
I made some hooves to go over his shoes out of the grey felt, 
and we will stuff some straw into his back pocket.

Here are a few un-detailed-details about how I made the big bad wolf fur vest...

1. I traced a church vest of Ande's to create my pattern. Cut the pieces out of the fur and the lining and sewed just the sides together on each. 
2. I traced a hoodie for the hood pattern and sewed around just the curved edge.
3. Lay the fur piece out flat and lay the felt piece on top, right sides together. Sew around the side and bottom edges only. Flip right side out.

4. Place the 2 hood pieces right sides together and sew around the front edge only, leaving the bottom edge alone. Then, turn it right side out.
5. Turn the edges of the neck line in about 1/4- 1/2 inch and hand sew the hood inside with a blind stitch.
*This is where I messed up. The bottom edge of my hood was way too wide to fit inside the neck line. I had to improvise. Make sure you measure the neck line and bottom edge of the hood when making your pattern, so that they will fit nicely.*
6. Hand sew the shoulders together with a blind stitch.
7. Create a pattern for the ears, sew them with right sides together, turn right side out, and hand sew to the top of the hood.
8. Add a button closure.
That's it!


What are your favorite diy costume ideas?

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