Friday, March 8, 2013


This week's Instagrams on Friday...

This week really flew by.
It was a good one, except for Owen having a rough time with teething.
Somewhere between this week and last week, Milo started to smile.
He has been doing a funny little "half-smile" for a couple weeks, but now he really smiles.
He really notices the people around him, especially me.
Talk about a good self-esteem booster!
He now gets distracted while nursing if I'm talking.
He stops and stares up at me with those long, curly lashes,
and when our eyes meet the corners of his mouth turn up into the biggest of smiles.

Ande had several play dates during the little's nap time this week.
I love that kind of play date.
The house is quiet, and he doesn't run out of his room every 10 minutes looking for snacks!
He even dabbled in the handmade at one of his play dates, 
making me a necklace that I wore for two whole days.
And then there's me...
Last night I started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.
I like it because it's only 20 minutes.
It's easier to get motivated when you know it'll be quick.
Have you tried this video? What did you think?

I finished a project that I started working on last weekend.
After all the girly scarves and hats and head wraps from winter, I wanted to make something for the boys.
I'll be posting a full tutorial next week, but here's a little sneak peak...

And since one of my projects from last weekend totally flopped, 
I started over with a new design and new yarn.
I love this dusty rose color, and it's hard to say right now, but I am hoping this one turns out how I imagine it!

Curtis is off on a campout with the scouts from church this weekend,
so my mom and I are going to have a little Twilight watching party.
Neither of us have seen the last movie yet and I am excited...don't judge!

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

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