Thursday, March 21, 2013

Handmade Love {baby things}

I've got baby on the brain,
and probably will for a while!
I am consumed with my boys right now (I love being consumed by them),
so my mind is constantly whirling with thoughts like...

...what should they wear for Easter? can I keep Ande better occupied during quiet time? shall I re-decorate the nursery?

With all these thoughts floating around my brain,
I decided to put a few handmade things that I've been eyeing into collage form.

{Knotted Jersey Knit Headband by The Pink Ruffle}
(Unfortunately...turban headbands don't work for boys, but this was too cute not to  show!)
{Wooden Memory Game by Bright Life Toys}
{Cardigan Onesie by Groovy Applique}
{Baby Suspenders by Little Boy Swag}


  1. That cardigan onesie is adorable!

  2. I love that mobile! It's gorgeous! Is it ridiculous to put a mobile in a room full of toddlers {provided they can't reach it, of course}? I think maybe Max and Maggie need it. ;)