Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Sunnies

 I love sunglasses.
My eyes are so sensitive to light, that sunglasses are a must for me.
I wear them every.single.time. I go outside- rain or shine!
Sometimes I even wear them inside my house...
There are some days where the sun just blasts through the windows.

A couple weeks ago, I made a huge mistake.
I let Owen hold my sunglasses in the car.
Of course, they were broken within a minute.

Luckily, I was contacted by an online glasses company, Firmoo, to do a review on a pair of their glasses.
Right away, I clicked over to their sunglasses page to see what I could find.

I picked out this fun pair in purple and white.
I uploaded a picture of myself and did the virtual try-on.
The pair that I picked fit my face shape the best.
I also loved the purple color option, and the little bow detail on the sides.

I have been wearing these sunglasses for about a week now and I really love them.
They are well made and work great.

My sunglasses came with both a plastic case and a soft case, a cloth lens cleaner, and some tools for repairs.

Firmoo offers more than just sunglasses, too.
They offer a huge variety of glasses, at good prices, prescription or non-prescription.
They also have a promotion where new customers can get their first pair of glasses for free!
That's a pretty great deal.

I had a good experience working with Firmoo, and I'm sure you will too.
Any questions about the company can be answered here on their website.

*This is a sponsored post, and all opinions are 100% mine.

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