Thursday, October 31, 2013

costume love {our diy halloween costumes}

 My boys dress up in some sort of costume on a daily basis, which makes getting dressed up for Halloween even more fun. They are already opinionated about what they want to be, and get into character pretty quick once the costume is on. It's so hilarious and awesome. I spoke about my goal to make at least 2 out of the 3 kid costumes this year in my October Goals blog post, and I'm proud to say I actually found time to make all 3!

Ande is a lover of all things "Transformer," his favorite show being "Rescue Bots." He was quick to decide on being Heatwave, one of the transformers on the show. I was a little worried about his costume being super complicated to make. Luckily, I got some shoes in the mail and the box they came in was a perfect fit. Once we had the right box, things started to come together.

I painted the box red, and also painted the other accents on the front of the box. I used red duct tape to tape together pieces of cardboard to make his wrist and ankle sections, and added black foam circles as the wheels. The rest of the costume were things that we already had on hand (wellies, fire man hat, goggles, and gloves). So, the only thing I actually bought to make this costume was the red paint and the sheet of black foam!

He was in love with his costume as soon as I cut the holes in the box. He loves it, and I'm patting myself on the back for a job well done. :)

Owen is in a super hero phase lately (I almost just typed "faze," ooops). Every time we visit the library, we end up with a few of the "DC Super Friends" early reader books. I think we have read them all, a few times. Batman is by far his favorite hero, so this was an easy decision for him.

For this costume, I used a lot of fleece and felt. I didn't want to have to deal with hemming anything. I love the quickness of being able to just cut, and be done. I made the cape out of fleece by cutting a rectangle, adding elastic into a casing at the top and cutting scalloped points on the bottom. I hand drew the batman symbol on paper and traced it onto felt for both the cape and his shirt. I sewed the bat symbol on an oval and then sewed it on his shirt, and one of his cape. I also sewed some cuffs for his wrists and a buckle for his belt, both out of felt.

I wasn't sure if he would wear a mask or not, but I knew for sure that he would wear sunglasses. He wears sunglasses every day...he must have sensitive eyes. So, I cut out the shape from felt and glued it to a pair of sunglasses. 

Obviously Milo wasn't about to tell me what he wanted to be for Halloween, so we chose for him. Having him be Robin to Owen's Batman was an easy choice, but then we got this idea to have him be an actual robin. Like, the bird. Get it? Very punny.

For his costume, I used a brown hoodie that we already had. I cut out a bunch of scallops with felt and glued them to a felt piece, which I tacked to the front of his hoodie. I cut out the wings, also out of felt, and tacked them to the back. Then, I added a little beak to his hood. This costume was super fast to make, and like the other costumes, cost me nothing.

I loved making these costumes. I really enjoy watching them have so much fun wearing something that I put so much work into. 

But most of all, I love their poses when "in character." It doesn't get much cuter than that, and it never gets old...

Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh my goodness they are adorable well done on the costumes have a great time trick or treating.

  2. this are brilliant! putting the mask on sunglasses... nice. Next year if zoey still won't wear a costume, I'll try your tactics.

  3. Not for Halloween, however I need to dress myself as a Robin for a Christmas themed Brownie sleepover next weekend. This gave me the idea of how to do it, although I will need to scale it up a little!!! Thanks, Jackie