Monday, February 17, 2014


After spending so much time inside because of cold weather lately, I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore! We have been bundling up like crazy just to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, no matter the temperature. 

Some new playground equipment was finally installed in our neighborhood park area, so we do a little walking and bike riding to get there. Then, the boys play to their little hearts content. Milo is still not a huge fan of mittens, but he actually loves wearing the scarf I knitted him last week! 

Also, it snowed again! And wow, it just doesn't get any more beautiful than giant white flakes falling from the sky. We had so much fun having Curtis home early (even though he had to walk home), and going sledding in our neighborhood. 

But as much fun as it was that first day, I was glad to see the snow melt away pretty quick in the days after. Now, it's back to reality. The boys exchanged valentine's with each other, made bird feeder valentine's for their Nana and Papa, Ande finally got to have his Valentine's party at preschool, and I made some chocolate covered strawberry hearts for Curtis (I think I ate more than he did...and they didn't really even look like hearts).

And here's a little sledding video for your viewing pleasure...

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