Tuesday, May 27, 2014

on birthdays...

My birthday used to be my absolute favorite holiday. I loved having a day where the whole world stopped to make me feel special, usually including a huge party, fancy dinner, sleepovers, limo rides, and (for some reason) a  lot of gifts from bath and body works. 

As I got older, I realized that my birthday wasn't always going to be that exciting. I was getting a little old for sleepovers, and my family couldn't always drop everything to spend all day with me. This kinda bummed me out for a while, along with the whole, "getting closer to 30" thing. Needless to say, I stopped getting as excited about my birthday, and I stopped expecting extravagance for it.

This year, I was pleasantly surprised by how spoiled rotten I was all weekend. I got to get my nails done, and eat yummy sushi. I got surprise gifts, a trip to the pool, and to go see a chick flick. All of these things made for a fantastic birthday weekend, but there were a few un-extravagant moments that really made it special.

I woke up on my birthday morning with a kiss on the cheek from Ande. He does this on occasion and it always makes me smile. Curtis had the boys color pictures for me and brought me breakfast in bed. I'm still chuckling over the 5 inch cake candles that Owen drew. During nap time Milo's teething got the best of him and he started crying in his crib. I don't usually pick him up for something like this, but on this day I just wanted to snuggle him. He fell back to sleep in my arms (which is a miracle in itself...my boys are fabulous crib sleepers, but rarely sleep anywhere else!) and as I rocked his snoring little body in the dark, I thought to my self, "this is the best birthday!" 

I'm grateful to all who helped make my birthday a special one, and I'm especially grateful for the bit of perspective I was given so that I could really enjoy the little, tender moments more fully.

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