Friday, February 27, 2015

saw it, loved it, made it {knitted & knotted turban headband}


I kind of obsessively pin to my "kid style" board on Pinterest. I don't know why I love stylish and different children's clothes so much, but looking through the photos I've curated brings me so much joy (and I'm totally laughing at myself for being such a geek as I'm typing)!

A couple weeks ago I saw and pinned this adorable picture to that board. I just love the way her knitted headband is tied up on her head and so I decided to make one and put my own little twist on it! I definitely think this headband would look way cuter on a little girl, so use your imagination...





This knitted turban headband is so easy to make that you'll be able to whip out several in all different colors in no time at all!

1 skein worsted weight yarn (I used Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice in Honey which I also used in my knitted bandana fringe scarf pattern)
Size 11 straight knitting needles
Large eye needle for a seam

Knitting stitches to know:
CO- cast on
K- knit stitch
BO- bind off

1. CO 16 stitches.
2. Slip first stitch, K each remaining stitch.
3. Repeat step 2 until piece measures approximately 30 inches.
4. BO but leave a 6 inch tail for sewing.
5. Fold over the short end that you just BO about 3 inches. Using your large eye needle and the 6 inch tail, sew in place.
6. To put headband together, fold over the non-sewn short end to make a loop. Scrunch up loop formed by the sewn end. Pull non-sewn loop through, but not all the way.

This knitted headband gives the illusion of an actual knot being tied, when it is really just a loop pulled up through the hole created by your folded over and sewn edge. 

Following this pattern will give you a turban that will fit a child up to an adult. If you wanted to make it for a baby/toddler, I would do a few less stitches when casting on and alter the length as well. 




I really love the simplicity of this pattern. It would be a great project for a beginning knitter!

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