Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dear Owen,


You are such a sensitive little guy. Some might find that as a shortcoming, but I think it is one of your greatest strengths! You are so observant of others and your sensitivity to their feelings helps you to be such a compassionate, loving boy.

Thank you for always being willing to help me with Lucy. You won't run out the door to catch the school bus unless you've given her a kiss goodbye first!

You are neat and tidy and I love it! You are a master bed maker, get the least crumbs on the floor at meal times, and rarely get food stains on your clothes. This ability also carries over into your school work. I love seeing your neat, adorable, handwriting on your papers every day.

We decided to keep your agenda from Kindergarten because you never once got in trouble, or had to "move your clip down." That is amazing! I know you really just love getting the prizes for doing well in class, but I really appreciate your good behavior. I beam with pride just thinking about it!

You are really fascinated with animals lately, and most of all, snakes. I love to see you exploring your passions...butttt....snakes!? I will struggle through reading all the snake books, as long as we don't ever have to have one in our house!

Owen, we love you so so much! We love that you are six now! Thank you for always being such a funny boy, for keeping us laughing, and making us smile! Happy Birthday!


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