Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Thanksgiving In Texas!

For the past couple years, we have traveled to Texas for Thanksgiving! Several members of Curtis' family live there and it's a fun place to gather! This year I lucked out and Curtis decided we could fly instead of drive the 20 hours to get there! Dream come true!

We hopped on our flight, where we had to keep Lucy from licking the seats, and then landed in Houston! We drove a couple hours from there to a little place in the "hill country" where our little river side cabins were located. While there we spent a lot of low key time hanging out, jet skiing, and watching the kids play. The kids spent so much time just running around outside, making camp fires, and exploring! It was fun watching them be so wild and free!

One thing that I really wanted to fit into our holiday this year was service. On the day before Thanksgiving, we spent the morning working with the local Habitat for Humanity! We helped prepare a house to be move-in ready for a small family and the youngest kids got to decorate studs that would go up in another soon-to-be built home! It was great to see the little ones so eager to serve, and to teach them a little bit about giving.

Our travels are always some of our favorite memories from the year, and I know the kids are going to remember this trip for many years to come!

Below I'm sharing some of my favorite photos from the trip!


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