Thursday, January 4, 2018



It's time to throw it all the way back to elementary school... to when me and my family were members of a swimming pool that also had high dives and an olympic sized diving tower.

For some unknown reason, I was a brave child when it came to doing scary things. I was terrified of talking to people, but I would do any roller coaster no problem. Every summer I challenged myself to dive off the high dives, touch the bottom of the 16 ft. deep diving pool, and jump from the very high platforms. Being brave didn't mean that I wasn't scared. I was very scared. I remember standing at the top of the 2nd platform, legs shaking, toes lined up on the edge. I was even scared as I fell through the air, as if in slow motion, waiting to hit the water beneath. But let me tell you, the thrill I felt when I came up out of the water, was like no other. I felt powerful. I felt confident.

That is why my "word" for 2018 is DIVE.


Last year my word was start. A simple word that carried with it a lot of meaning for me. I had a lot of big plans for my year. I wanted to start making things happen. When I first reflected on this past year and my "one little word," I felt a little disappointed in myself. I am really good at dreaming big, but not so good at making it happen. But then I read over last year's post and realized that I accomplished more than I thought. I did start taking more pictures. I did start reading more books (I even joined a book club). And most importantly, I did start to take notice of how I spent my time, especially when with the kids. I didn't necessarily accomplish any of the grandiose goals I had envisioned but I, at least, got started. I made progress, however slight. And now I can say, I'm proud of myself.

This year, my word is DIVE.

This year is about follow through. I want to build on what I got started in 2017, but just like my leg shaking high dives, I need a thrill and a challenge. I don't know when things changed for me, but I'm much more comfortable sunglasses on, sitting warm in the sun, watching everyone swim and take the risks. I want to feel brave again. I need to do something a little scary that will give me that same rush of confidence that diving head first off a high dive gave my 10 year old self. And so as not to create an unattainable goal for myself... if I only take a small leap, or if it takes me all year to do one daring, terrifying thing, I will know that I followed through. I didn't break form and I made it into the water safely, more brave and confident than when I started.

So whether it's as simple as turning my phone all the way off to enjoy afternoons fully present with my kids, or finishing a book even if I don't love it (yes, this is actually hard for me), or putting myself out there to serve my friends, or putting myself out there for friends that are far away, or sticking to a budget (yet again, scary), or starting down a new creative business path... if I could jump off a 20 foot tower 20 years ago, what's to stop me now?


What word will you choose for 2018, or what goals do you plan to set for yourself? I challenge you to challenge yourself. Work towards something that may seem scary, that will make you better!


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