Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Just wanted to upload a few pictures from the past couple weeks here in Cary, North Carolina!This is when we first moved into our new apartment on Appledown Drive!

Luckily my brother, Noel, can get us free tickets to all the Carolina Railhawks soccer games because he's "Noel the Intern"! At this game, we got to sit in the skybox with Ashley and Laurie and all the VIP's. We felt important!

Curtis and Dad. We went to the beach for July 4th! (They think they are too hot to trot!)

Skim boarding is not one of my talents. This is why I have to pose on the board when it's NOT moving and pretend like it is.

Just another example of how I can't do it.

Curtis on the other hand...he's my little professional. One time he jumped off the skim board and did a front flip into a wave. I don't know if it was planned but it still looked cool!

We got home from the beach just in time for the big fireworks at the fairgrounds, and just in time for a HUGE, DARK, SCARY thunderstorm to cover the whole town. Sadly, the fireworks got canceled! How unfortunate.


  1. Lindsay, you look like a little oreo in that white bathing suit. You're so dark! I'm glad you posted those pictures. It's fun to read updates on the newlyweds.

  2. That looked like so much fun. We need to come visit so we can go to the beach with you guys. Looks like you guys are loving North Carolina. I bet it is so fun being so close to family. Let us know if you hear anything about the job.

  3. Curtis! Lindsay! Way to tell me you guys have a blog!! Gosh. I feel so out of the loop...

    It looks like you guys are having a blast in North Carolina! I wish you were here with us, but I'm glad you're having fun!

  4. Ooohh...Linds, I love that bathing suit!!!~