Monday, November 17, 2008

one down, eternity to go!

We are celebrating one year of marriage together, today. At first glance a year may seem to be a short time, but this morning while enjoying the sun coming up from under the covers, we decided to ponder the many perfect times we've had together.  We have come up with none, but it was sure nice to sleep in after a little breakfast in bed! We did however, look back on this past year and decide what our five favorite memories were.


1. Moving into our own apartment in Florida. It may not have seemed like much, but what a wonderful thing to be out on our own. 

2. Being on our Honeymoon in the mountains of Utah. Even though Lindsay is not crazy about the outdoors, we both had a great time doing nothing but being together!

3. Learning what independence meant when we packed everything we had into the back of my truck, as much as could fit in the front seat, and every bit of space that we could find in Lindsays car... even her lap when we went around turns! Making the drive up to NC and finding a place to live. It was a unifying decision and we are both really happy to have made it.                

4. Packing our stuff and going to Alabama just cause we wanted to. It was good to see family and to travel together. Since we met we have traveled quite a bit together. It makes for a bunch of great memories!

5. Learning of the miracle of Lindsay's pregnancy. Who could be more shocked then the two of us that Lindsay got prenant when she shouldn't  have been able to? Now it has brought us closer together and helped us realize that independency is a BIG responsibility!

These five are not in any particular order of greatest to least, but just a collage of memories that make me feel good about being married to Lindsay bug!

1. 11/17/07...our wedding day!  It was pretty perfect, everything went so smoothly thanks to all the help from our families and friends!  Curtis didn't even mind when I felt sick and he had to pull the car over so I could try to throw up, in my wedding dress, on the side of the road.  What compassion!

2. Moving into our first apartment was a great day.  Curtis and his buddies secretly moved all of our furniture into the apt. while I was at work.  When I got off, he carried me over the threshold and I was so excited that I didn't have to move-in a single thing!

3. This happened while we were still engaged, but is a good example of the fun we have together.  Curtis tried to teach me how to drive a motorcycle...bad idea!  He is a wonderful teacher, but I am a horrible student.  At one point I got scared, but forgot to let go of the gas, and we went flying down the street and almost into the side of somebody's house!  It was funny afterwards, I can always count on laughing a lot when we're together!

4.  Seeing Curtis' face as we got to see our little peanut baby at the first ultrasound. It was so neat and I could just see in the way he was looking at me and the baby that he is going to be such a great dad!

5. 11/17/!  Curtis woke up extra early to make me breakfast in bed! He also surprised me with a huge body pillow and a full-sized ironing board!  These may not seem like very exciting things to most people, but they are to a soon to be momma.

Of course we could have both come up with a lot more great memories!  Now we look forward to tonight when we get to eat a complimentary 5" sample of our wedding cake made fresh just for us!