Saturday, May 23, 2009

{creative parenting} the pacifier holder

Linds invented this passifier holder... we are looking into patents!

Modeling the beta test version 1.1!

Linds put him down for a nap and walked out of the room. He cried on and off for about ten minutes, so she went in to pat his back. She decided to put her night gown in the crib with him to see if he would be able to smell her and go to sleep. After she left the room and he fussed for a minute he got quiet. She walked back in to check on him and he was asleep clutching her night gown up close to his face. What a precious boy!


  1. My dad's idea was Velcro (to hold the paci on)

  2. I've always thought about this. CJ still doesn't take a paci because we just gave up on him keeping it in his mouth. Cute pictures. Can't wait to see him.