Monday, June 15, 2009

2 months

The Calls stopped by on their way to D.C. to tackle Uncle Curtis. Mission accomplished!

My beautiful cousin Brittany just got married!

And, Anderson started walking!

Just kidding. He does have pretty strong little legs though.
He can hold himself up pretty good, he just doesn't have any balance!
He is now 2 months old and smiles and coo's at us ALL the time!
He also started sleeping around 8 hours a night...halelujah!


  1. Anderson (and CJ - Jack adds) are SOOOO cute. We want to hold them both. Jack says, We have GOT to go to North Carolina some day Mom.

  2. He is already looks so grown up. I am so happy for your cuz. i hope that daniel and i can find a time once everything is settled down to come by and see the little man again. i hope that it is sooner than later. love you all. MWAH!!!