Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ande swings into fall

The weather has started to cool off a little bit, so we have been taking advantage of the new park in town. Anderson can't really utilize the facilities, like the other kids, but he's one swinging fool!

"Who's back there? Who's pushing this thing?"

"I've got my safety goggles, let's get this thing movin'!"


"This swing is plaaaayed!"

For Curtis' birthday, we got some burgers and a milkshake from Cook-out and then had a picnic at the park. We found some friends from church there and had to keep Anderson from riding off with their cool tricycle!

"Where's the throttle on this bad boy?"

"Excuse me, coming through!"

"Dad, I think it's time to start shaving with you!"

It's a little dark, but I think you'll be able to see this!

"Who's going to run the next 5k with me?"


  1. I cannot WAIT to hold that little guy again! How ADORABLE is he!?!??! His hair is getting so much lighter too!! Thank you for posting these pictures :)

  2. oooh, he's so cute. so are you two padres.

  3. So, so cute. I love the video. Good parks are so fun. He looks like he loved the swing. In a couple of pictures he was looking more like Curtis. I always thought he favored you Linds. Anyway, he is so cute and getting so big. We are excited to see him...I mean you guys for Thanksgiving.

  4. you have to do more posts with "commentary" from Ande. The boys are cracking up