Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 years strong

This has been a week of accomplishments in this Haynie household.
On the 15th, Anderson turned 7 months old!
I asked him if he felt any older, he just said "Da Da Da Da."
We are proud to report that he can now get in the "plank position."
He gets on his hands and knees constantly, but so far has only succeeded in moving one knee forward.
His Grandma A bought these teething crackers to keep him busy while we were eating dinner.
Here are his thoughts on that:

"Whoah! What did you just put in my mouth?"
"Do I like it? Hmmm...let me think..."
"This is the best day of my life!!! I love this stuff!"
(Notice the extreme mess that is all over was also all over the floor.)

In other news:
We just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary!
We started out the day with some yummy pancakes.
Check out Curt's beautiful artwork:
(It says I heart you, incase you can't tell! :) )

Curtis planned a great evening out for us.
Grandma A put baby to bed while we went out on the town in downtown Raleigh.
We left the apartment and I found the car full of a beautifully wrapped bag of gifts and a bouquet of flowers!
He made reservations at a very nice restaurant downtown.
It was very yummy!
We then just spent some time walking around and finding fun places to take pictures of ourselves.

He looks like he's straight out of Singin' in the Rain!
They just renovated an entire section of downtown Raleigh and there are so many cool things now. This is a random wall with a bunch of lights on it.

Look closely. Can you find Curtis in this picture?
He is using his powers to make the water rise out of the fountain!

You can find some pretty interesting people on the streets of Raleigh...

And here we go...walking forward in our lives together...

It seems like we have been married a lot longer than 2 years.
We have enjoyed pretty much every moment of it... :)
In lieu of the season, we are so thankful that we have each other and little Anderson.
We are definitely blessed to have such a great marriage and family!

Anderson has survived 7 months of life, and we have survived 2 great years of marriage...and now we look forward to our futures together!


  1. Congratulations are in order, I think. I didn't realize you were married in November. Wait, now I do. I had to beg to get off during sweeps month. And we got to fly out to Utah.

    Cool pictures.

  2. I love all the fun Pictures! Happy Anniversary!!!

    Also Anderson is getting so big!! He's adorable!!

    Love you guys!