Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Rascal!

Look at that face! I can't wait for Ande to really start talking because I think he is going to be hilarious. He is such a joker like his dad. Lately, (mostly while we are driving), he will bust out laughing in the back seat for no apparent reason. I think he is just trying to get my attention and make me laugh. I love it! Yesterday, I went to put my boots on and there just happened to be a little plastic ball in each boot, along with my chapstick. If only I knew what went through that little head of his! Have you ever thought about what the world is really like for little kids? Everything must be so big and fascinating. I'll never know the adventures that Ande has while I am snoozing on the couch at 7 in the morning.

(Thank you cousin Brittany for the pictures from our "Granny lunch" last week!)

1 comment :

  1. I like that sneaky face up top!!

    Good to see you guys today :-)