Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things that GO!

I've spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks trying to get our house in order, unpacking the few boxes that were still lingering in the corners. I was pretty pleased with how things were looking, but then Ande took over.

He has turned our living room into his personal parking lot...

He loves anything to do with transportation: cars, trucks, air planes, but most of all, motorcycles! That is why I was so excited to find this little guy:
I got it from the Goodwill for only $2! It has made my little Ande so extremely happy. As you can see above, he's already doing tricks on it, as well as taking his baby cousin Charlie for rides around the house (with me holding on to him of course!).

{he keeps laying his blankie, ever so gently, over the handlebars...such a tender soul he is}

Speaking of little Ande...he's not so little anymore! He's talking A LOT, picking up little phrases all the time. He says things that I never even say, so I'm wondering where he hears this stuff!

His favorite thing to say at the moment is "No Way!" and just this morning he kept saying "Going Away" as Curtis was getting ready for work. Genius I tell ya!

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  1. Lindsay - I love all the collages you did of your trip. they are all so cute. And I love all the other pictures you posted of the reunions. So fun. And I love that Ande loves things that go. Great find on the moto. We miss you guys.