Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another "just for fun" beanie

 Here is another one of my projects from last week.
Like the slouchy beanie, I made this hat just for kicks.
I'm always making hats to put in my shop, but never making hats for us.
So, this hat is for my sweet little Ande.
I personalized it...

with his name,

 and a car,  his favorite.

Now on to business.
My 3rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow, hooray!
My husband has the hardest time figuring out presents for me. 
He is very practical and just can't comprehend the idea of buying me something "frivolous."
So, to surpass all the fuss of gift buying, we decided to make each other something this year.
I finally figured out what I'm going to do and now I only have the rest of today to get it ready!

I'm interested to see what kind of creative gifts you've come up with in the past.
Boys are always the hardest to buy for, so comment with your favorite anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift ideas!

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