Tuesday, November 9, 2010


{Halloween 2010}

I just realized that I never posted our pictures from Halloween.
Ande was a Fire Fighter...well, obviously.
It was the easiest costume ever.
Somebody gave us that yellow rain coat last year and I bought the hat for a couple dollars at party city.

{5 Little Pumpkins all in a row}
This was Ande's 2nd Halloween, but the first time he was old enough to trick-or-treat.
He still didn't really know what was going on, but we made our rounds to all the family anyways.

{Trick-or-treating at Granny's House}
{Trick-or-treating at Papa and Nana's House}
On our way around town, we saw this cool Monster Truck. Look how big those wheels are!
{Trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with our buddy Grayson}
{"Ande, why are you wearing that silly hat?"
"I don't know, Charlie, why are you dressed like an elephant?"}
We had a good time watching Ande go up to everybody's front doors. He was super excited to be getting all this candy. "Candy" is one of his new favorite words. He asks for it several times each day.

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  1. Lindsay, You're such a good mom! Thanks for sharing these photos. Love ya!