Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Must-Haves

In an attempt to be a little more organized with this blog, I am going to start up some regular posts every Monday and Friday. My Monday posts will highlight some of the fantastic items/shops on my never-ending list of things I want to buy. It will be my "must-have" list. On Friday, I will post about the crafts of other bloggers. I will show off all the projects I star in my Google reader, things I'd love to make, but probably won't ever get around to! These posts will be my "Friday finds." I also want to get back on the ball with posting some tutorials for you. Tomorrow, I have great fabric flower bouquet tutorial planned for ya!

Now, on to my Must- Have list of the week:

These are some things I've put on my Christmas list. I think I've said it before, but I L.O.V.E purses/bags/pouches, etc.

For example, this Daisy Wristlet/Clutch from Gussy Sews...

I just love the colors and fabrics she uses, and of course her signature ruffles.
I also love this Damask Tote/Diaper bag, also from Gussy Sews

This Dots and Lace Clutch is from the Pleated Poppy

Isn't that lace gorgeous? Both Gussy and the Pleated Poppy have great quality zippy pouches and bags with amazing fabric choices!

Now, these floral beauties are from an Etsy shop called FFFlowers

She uses so many beautiful colors with this amazing frayed ribbon. I've looked everywhere for ribbon like this, and can't seem to find any. I've already purchased a couple flowers from her and the quality is fantastic. I definitely plan on buying more to complete my bouquet.

This is a great home decoration idea!

What are you asking for this Christmas?

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