Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today is a good day!

~First of all...We had a fabulous weekend. Curtis' best friend, Peter, flew out to visit and we had a grand time! The boys got to romp around in the woods while Geo-Caching, we watched a lot of movies, and ate way too much ice cream! Peter is now Ande's new best friend, he was pretty much in his face all weekend. This morning Ande looked at the air mattress and said "Peter?" So sad. But we ended the long weekend on a great note! Curtis' best friend was in town, and my best friend is in town, so we all got together as besties! The boys thought it would be fun to go play lazer tag (Courtney and I were a little skeptical at first). I was mostly concerned about getting toppled over by a bunch of over-competitive middle school boys. When we got there, we were the ONLY people there besides the 3 kids that worked there. I guess not many people go lazer-tagging on Monday nights. It was GREAT. I have never played lazer tag in my entire life and I am SO GLAD that I finally did! It was the most fun I've had in a long time! Courtney and I giggled uncontrollably while being stalked in the dark maze of walls by Curtis and Peter. I loved it, and I also love that I won.

We finished off the night with our first back yard camp fire. It finally stopped raining at that point and even the wet logs burned on into the night. Good friends, good times.

~The second reason for this good day is that a photographer friend of mine has taken some AMAZING pictures of some of my Crochet Hats. Please, please go here: Funfetti Photography and check out a sampling of some of the pictures. They are soooo fabulous, I can't stop looking at them! By the end of the week, I shall update the pictures in my Etsy shop. I am so excited to have a fresh new, much more professional look to my shop.

I am still working on my newest Pattern, which is for "Peanuts the Elephant." It will go up along with the shop picture update!

~ And last but not least...I have quite a few projects in the works for the next few weeks. Here's what you can look forward to:

* Fixin up a baby onesie with skirts, ruffles, and accessories

* And some fun and girlie new crochet hair clip designs

Ok, now on to continue this lovely day with a little watching of The Bachelor....

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