Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Azizona and unfinished projects

We are lucky enough to have most of my family living close by.
We got to spend a sunny afternoon at the park with the fam a few weekends ago.
It was a blast, can't go wrong at the park. 
(And, I'm pretty sure my sis. in law had more fun on the playground than the kids!)
It's great to have at least 1 cousin around!

Here is Ande showing off his super strength...

And speaking of cousins and sunny weather...

My mom, Ande, me, and my sister (surprise!) took a trip out to Arizona to visit our cousins. 
It's always good to see them.
Ande was the best little boy in the world while riding on the plane and was rewarded for it when he found this purple Barbie van at the cousin's house.

He actually became borderline obsessed with that van while we were there but I didn't care because he was having such a blast!

When our plane landed in AZ, Ande kept saying, "Azizona, yayyyy!!!" and clapping his hands. 
We were all excited to be there and get off that plane!
Along with playing with the purple van, we also got to spend some great quality time with the family.
(hikes, walks, thrifting, eating, biking, playing, and of course shopping!)

Now it is back to the real world.
I am halfway done sewing a purse from a pattern in the Amy Butler book I got for Christmas.
I super excited and want it to be finished so bad just so I can look at it.
I also have an NC State crochet blanket and hat in the works for a friend of my mom's that I will hopefully finish soon and post some pictures of.
And, I actually have a finished crochet project that I CAN'T WAIT to post about.
It is a new hat for spring and all I need is a warm sunny day to take some pictures of Ande in it!


  1. I miss him sooo much~please come back!!

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    I am now following you...I love your blog, very cute items you have for sale and your son is precious! Please stop by and say hi
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