Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mod Cloth Dress

I saw this dress posted on someone else's blog. 
I am in love with it.
So in love that I almost bought it even though I'm pregnant and would have to wait several more months before I could even try it on!
It is listed on the site, Modcloth.com, where they have awesome vintage-y clothes from all different designers and sellers. You can also find some great coupons for their site HERE!
Well, sadly my dress was sold out...cross your fingers with me that it will be put back in stock!


  1. Pregnant? When are you due! Congrats! I'm looking for guest bloggers right now if your interested in blog and shop advertising. I'd love to help a 2nd cousin out!

  2. YES YES YES AND YES!!!! This is everything and more that we talked about!!! I am obsessed with this dress!