Monday, August 29, 2011

Did you know...?

...that my kids are great at making funny faces?

Did you know that you could buy the Peanuts the Elephant hat in blue for boys?

And let's not forget this oldie but goodie...Filmore the Frog hat!

Did you know that any of my animal hats would make the perfect costume for Halloween?

(Yes, I am already thinking about Halloween.)

Well, now you know!

I can't wait for some cool (but not cold) weather, colorful leaves falling from the trees, and the annual trip to the pumpkin patch! That is what is on my mind today. Every time I step outside intending to take the kids on a walk I am blasted with the thick, hot, North Carolina, summer air that still lingers...
Bring on the fall!


  1. Ok, that 2nd picture is HILARIOUS!!! Please blow that one up and hang in his room!!~

  2. Oh my CUTE!!! Those hats are so dang cute! Seriously, and don't get me started about your little model! So cute!