Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pitter patter

I love the sound of Ande's little feet pitter pattering up and down the hallways of our house.
He never walks anywhere, even from one room to the other. 
He's always running excitedly about parking cars here and there.
It is like this all the time, but right now it has gotten me thinking of Christmas...
The way my brother, sister, and I used to run from my parents room into the living room with such anticipation on Christmas morning. 

Pitter patter...pitter patter...

We're going to get our Christmas tree on Saturday and start with all the decorations.
I don't exactly have the best holiday stuff...and I need to figure out a good, budget-friendly, way to beef up my decoration supply. 
But, for today, I'll just dream and drool over all of the cool things other people are making this month. 

Most of all, I'm in need of some new stockings.
I made some last year, but I only made 3. We need another one.
They are expensive to buy, so I would love to make some again this year, but I just don't know if I'll have the time.
I would also love for them to match, and be something simple enough that I can make more as our family grows.
I might even crochet them...? Tacky? I don't know.
Oh...and they need to be BIG too...=)

Here are some fun ideas from Pinterest...

{I love that these all match, but aren't exactly the same..also that they have names on them.}

{I love the simplicity of these...that's timeless, but I'm thinking the burlap wouldn't have enough stretch.}

{Here's a crochet stocking...still contemplating if I like this or not. Atleast it would be easy for me and cheap.}

{And these are just my favorite, except for the little pom poms...and the price. Come on Walmart!}

I'll let you know what I decide...
(or maybe I won't, because I usually forget to update on posts like this.)

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