Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Finds {from boot cut to skinny}

The other day, in a frustrated huff, I ran out to just "be alone."
(Don't worry, it was Saturday, so Curtis was there.)
I decided to hit up the local Good Will that just opened up down the street from us.
I got lucky and found some great stuff.
My favorite, was this little fitted jacket...however it wasn't until I got home that I realized it smelled all smokey.
Should dry cleaning get the job done?

Anyways, I also picked up some awesome corduroy pants.
I have wanted this pair from Ann Taylor Loft for a while now, but they never have my size!

That is seriously frustrating. Especially when they were 50% off on Black Friday.
Luckily, I found this other pair at Good Will.
They are plum in color and they fit great, but....they're mom pants.
Wide-ish leg, high waist, stretchy...

(And I totally forgot to take before and after pictures...I forget a lot of things lately, but I'm sure you can picture it!)

I really wanted to spiff them up a little so I found this tutorial on from the Modcloth blog.
It shows you how to turn regular or boot cut jeans into skinny jeans.
The tutorial makes it look SO easy.

I tried it, and it worked perfectly!
I think I'm even going to go back and make the upper legs a little tighter as well.
If you have some outdated jeans or pants, you should try this out and you'll be the hippest, mod-est, chick in town.

And now, cheers to a good weekend.
We are all decorated for Christmas, which brings a little more joy into the house.
I did most of the ornaments (or orguments ala Ande) last night while the boys were sleeping, but I left a choice few for Ande to do when he woke up.
What an adorable sight!

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  1. I did a tutoial on this last January! Saved me from buying new jeans! LOVE it!