Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Every year...

I love traditions, and this time of year, there are so many!
I love that every family is different and unique when creating their own.
Growing up, I remember my Granny having the cousins over for a special "cookie decorating" day every year at Christmas.
She always had so many sprinkles to choose from in so many different colors.
We decorated all kinds of sugar cookies...snowmen, Christmas trees, wreaths, etc.
I still can't figure out if those little silver ball sprinkles were supposed to be eaten or not.

This was a tradition that I wanted my kids to experience as well.
Last year, we started with Ande decorating cookies with his Nana.
This year, Nana had an even better idea to spend one morning creating a gingerbread masterpiece with him.
Ande loved the candy, the building, and those special moments with just him and his Nana.
I know that as time goes by, we will continue creating special moments and memories for our family at Christmas, and all throughout the year.
And I can't wait.

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