Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Texas Adventure

We just spent the past week visiting family in Texas.
It was one of the more relaxing travel adventures that we've had since kids.
We really had the greatest time.

Here are a few things I learned in Texas...

...It can actually get cold in Texas, and sometimes it even snows.
...Some geese have necks that are longer than my 1 year old.
...My 1 year old would rather feed himself bread than give it to those silly ducks.
...Ande loves to play house and will make his cousins sleep on book shelves like an orphanage.
...Curtis needs a nerf gun. Ande does not.
...There's nothing quite like cousin play time.
...If you concentrate real hard and build a huge block tower, you just might attract the aunt/uncle paparazzi.
...Teeny tiny babies are fun to hold.
...Ande and Owen were in love with their baby cousin, and just might be ready for what's comin...

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  1. I really do love all those pictures...except it made my heart hurt a teeny bit :). I am so glad your family got to go. Owen is looking so "boyish". Let the countdown Christmas and to new baby boys! love you guys!