Wednesday, January 9, 2013

crochet love {toddler hipster slouchy beanie}

I was making a hat for the new baby when Ande suddenly, desperately wanted me to make him at hat too.
As often as I crochet, I hardly ever make anything for the boys because I know they'll never actually wear it.
So, when he asked for a hat, I was surprised and a little excited.
I let him pick out the colors (which after seeing the pictures look kinda girly/rastafarian),
and I got to work.

Ok...maybe it's not just the color of the hat that looks a little girly...
It's possibly the way I finished off the part of the hat that frames the face, but it'll do.

I was so close to finishing the hat when Ande decided he wanted a "boat hat."
I'm still trying to figure out what that is.
From his description, it sounds like a cross between a sailor hat and a pirate hat.
So, maybe one day there will be a post with a crocheted boat hat...

I am still not 100% thrilled about how the hat turned out.
I can think of a few things that I'd like to change, but I was so excited that our backyard photo shoot turned out so well that I just had to go ahead and make the pattern anyway.

The boys usually have a hard time standing still when I put a camera in their face.
They would much rather be the ones taking the pictures than the ones posing for them.
Ande usually furrows his eyebrows and makes some comment about how I should "stop looking at him."
But this time, I was prepared.
I bribed him with gummy life savers and it worked like a charm.
I mean...look at this face...

I started out making a hat just like I normally would.
I made sure to add extra "increase" rows so that the hat would have the slouchy look that I wanted.
I got the textured/bobble-like stitch from this pin of a beautiful crochet blanket on Pinterest.

And of course, Owen wanted some gummi life savers too, so he really hammed it up for me.

He is actually saying "Cheeeeeee!" (cheese) in all of these pictures as loud and proud as he can
(which he now shouts every time we pull out a camera or phone and point it at him).

As always, email me with any questions about the pattern!

LindsayHaynie [at] gmail . com


  1. it's amazing how much more owen is starting to look like ande. you sure have cute boys.