Friday, February 8, 2013


This week's Instagram photos on Friday...

I have been feeling really bad for Ande and Owen lately.
In the almost 4 weeks since Milo was born, we haven't left the house very often.
I feel like they  must get so tired of playing with the same toys over and over every day.
I keep trying to think of places that we can go where they can run around,
but it has to be somewhere I can nurse Milo without weird looks and without losing track of Owen (he likes to wander).
Any suggestions?

But anyways, as I sat by the dining room window today 
watching the older boys play outside, it hit me.
They were having a blast!
I realized that the "everyday" outings that I thought we were missing out on, 
were not actually things that the boys enjoyed.
What 3 and 1 year old would choose a trip to Target or Joann's over running outside in the sunshine,
riding bikes, parking cars, destroying the mulch, and drawing with sidewalk chalk?
Silly me.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I can agree the everyday stuff can get boaring, I know cleaning and same ol chore get to me. So getting out is often a break for me too! I have two small ones left at home, four go to school, so the two little ones is a slower pace believe it or not. But we usually do the same ol same ol everyday and they are ok with it, I think. usually they say little ones need a pattern or routine. Well once the weather starts warming up, we like to go to the park and have lunch or just go for a walk. Love your blogs, so glad I found you!